The Antler King is an indie-pop-rock band. The music is created by Esther Lybeert (drums/lead vocal/ keys) and Maarten Flamand (guitars/bass/bass&synth pedal/loops/backing vocals).
The band released a first, nameless album in 2011, which quickly got noticed in the music scene and the press, so it’s only logical that their second album Patterns soon followed. They played pretty much every instrument you hear on the album themselves and live they also perform as a duo. In 2014 they bagged the only Belgian nomination of the Berlin Music Video Awards with their music video Patterns. The video also received a Vimeo Staff Pick Award.
Their music is often described as
Threatening with a catchy psychedelic fringe
Unpolished : dark, yet cheerful, demure yet at times unleashed.
It’s rock music with a dash of pop.
It’s singer-songwriter without veering to the overly introspective.


The Antler King is een indie-pop-rock band rond de muziek van het koppel Esther Lybeert (drums/lead vocal/keys) en Maarten Flamand (guitars/bass/backing vocals/bass&synth pedal/loops) .
In 2011 stak The Antler King zijn neus aan het venster met een titelloos debuut, dat meteen op heel wat lovende recensies kon rekenen.
Eind 2013 volgde hun tweede album Patterns.
Maarten en Esther speelden op deze laatste plaat zo goed als alle instrumenten zelf in en ook live spelen ze nu in duo.
In 2014 werden ze als enige Belgische band genomineerd met hun videoclip van Patterns voor The Berlin Music Video Awards.
De videoclip leverde ook een Vimeo Staff Pick Award op.
De muziek van The Antler King wordt vaak omschreven als
Dreigend maar ook catchy met een psychedelisch kantje,
Ongepolijst: nu weer donker dan weer vrolijk,
Soms ingetogen dan weer stevig,
Intrigerend en filmisch.
Popmuziek met een hoek af.
Singer-songwriter zonder gefluister


The Antler King est un groupe indie-pop-rock basé sur la musique du couple Esther Lybeert et Maarten Flamand.
La musique de The Antler King est souvent décrite comme sombre mais accrocheuse avec un côté psychédélique,
Brute: parfois sombre, parfois allègre,
Quelquefois éthérée mais aussi pleine de vigueur,
Intrigante et cinématographique.
De la pop avec une touche originale.
De la création et de l’interprétation qui vient du cœur.


The Antler King ist ein Indie-Pop-Rock Band mit Musik des Ehepaars Esther Lybeert (Schlagzeug/Leadsängerin/Keys) und Maarten Flamand (Gitarre/Backing Vocals/Bass/Loops). 2011 ist The Antler King mit einem titelosem Debütalbum gestartet und kannte sofort eine ganze Reihe von lobenden Rezensionen. Der Nachfolger “Patterns” ist inzwischenzeit in Belgien im Markt.
Maarten und Esther haben auf ihrer letzten Platte fast alle Instrumente selbst eingespielt und auch live stehen sie nun zu zweit auf dem Podium. Sie wurden ebenfalls mit ihrem Videoclip “Patterns” als einziger Belgischer Band für den Berlin Music Video Awards nominiert. Der Clip wurde auch mit einem Vimeo Staff Pick Award gekrönt.
Die Musik von The Antler King wird manchmal als drohend, aber auch catchy mit psychedelischer Umrandung und unpoliert umschrieben: Zuerst dunkel, dann wieder froh, manchmal gedämpft dann wieder heftig, intrigierend und filmisch. Popmusik mit Risiken. Singer-Songwriting ohne Geflüster.


Esther Lybeert: Lead Vocal/Drums/Percussion/Keys
Maarten Flamand: Acoustic & electric guitars/Backing Vocal/Bass&Synth Pedal/Bass/Loops

All music written by Esther Lybeert & Maarten Flamand
All lyrics written by Esther Lybeert


“The titletrack ‘Patterns’ sounds as if Connan Mockasin and Jacco Gardner sat together to write the soundtrack to the latest David Lynch movie.”

“Strings that slowly fade away combined with the fragile, but ever so pure vocals of Esther Lybeert. Very captivating.”

(RifRaf (NL) – Album review Patterns)

“The band takes your breath away. Ten times in a row. And they don’t need the latest studio technique or strange instruments to do so. The Antler King’s forte: They always stay true to themselves.”

“Patterns sounds intriguing and panoramic; this record has many faces.”

(Kwadratuur – Album review Patterns ***1/2)

“‘Chain of Memory Lane’ breathes lo-fi and would fit any Ennio Morricone soundtrack. The lyrics beautifully reveal Lybeert’s stream of consciousness and emotions. It is one of the most surprising and honest songs on this record.”

“Not only does The Antler King take you out for a dance, they also know how to touch your soul. This is a great record filled with beautiful songs.”

(Demofarm – Album review “Patterns”)

“’Gold Red Circles’, the catchiest tune of all time, makes you forget all your sorrows. Instant happiness!

“Patterns is a real gem! We are fans. Now you!”

(Bill.be – Album review Patterns ***1/2)

“Holding a great single in their hands (‘Gold Red Circles’), The Antler King surely is ready to take on the world.”

(RifRaf (FR) – Album review Patterns)

“Titlesong ‘Patterns’ is the sung equivalent of a campfire horror story; the song’s athmosphere and Lybeert’s whispering vocal leads to a sinister tension; the same one that you feel when you are about to enter the dark woods…”

“‘Chain of Memory Lane’ is one the more appealing and inventive titles of the year. Could you describe your stream of consciousness in any other way, using rhyme? Again, The Antler King wrote a beautiful whisper-song.”

(Motherlove muziekmagazine – Patterns ****star album review)

In the last song ‘Warriors’ the guitar sounds like a broken music box with Esther Lybeert’s fascinating vocal as a soothing fairy: “It’s time for tenderness, we’re warriors of this lost cause.” By then we have given in completely. One cannot fight this record. Impossible.

(Damusic – Album review Patterns)

The Antler King’s performance in the Balzaal (Vooruit) really enchanted us. A varied set, with both intimistic ‘Chain of Memory Lane’ and up-tempo songs, as ‘It Ain’t Mine’

(Het Nieuwsblad – Concert review release concert Balzaal Vooruit)

Summer was there and winter could wait. This five-piece band proved that sobriety works.

(MusicZine – Concert review Glimps Showcase Festival Balzaal Vooruit)